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Monday, October 24, 2011

Philippines: Liturgy Conference - The Veneration of Sacred Images [Manila, Philippines]

Ministry for Liturgical Affairs, Manila 

Paul VI Institute of Liturgy


Dates:  April 10 (Tuesday) – 12 (Thursday), 2012
Venue:  San Carlos Major Seminary Auditorium, Makati City
Fee:  PhP 2,000.00 (inclusive snacks and lunch)

April 10
  8:00 A.M.         Morning Prayer
  8:30                Welcome Address:
  9:00                History and Theology of Veneration of Sacred Images
10:00                Break
10:30                Sacred Images in the Liturgy
11:30                Lunch Break
  1:30 P.M.         Open Forum
  2:30                The Cross: Principal Symbol of Christianity
  3:30                Representations of the Holy Trinity and the Angels
  4:30               End of the Session

April 11
  8:30 A.M.         Morning Prayer
  9:00                The Christmas Crib: History, Doctrine, and Liturgical Use
10:30                The Images of the Sto. Niño: History and Doctrine
  1:30 P.M.         Open Forum
  2:30               The Black Nazarene in the Spiritual Life of Filipinos
  3:30                The Santo Sepulcro and the Image of the Risen Christ
  4:30                End of the Session

April 12
  8:30 A.M.         Morning Prayer
  9:00                Popular Marian Images in Filipino Spirituality
10:00                Popular Images of Saints in Filipino Spirituality
11:00                Eucharistic Celebration

For reservations, please call Ms. Susan Inoceno or Mr. Tonton Casado
or Mr. Arwin Gregorio at (02) 404-3891, 527-7631; fax inquiry at (02) 527-8983;
email us at; or mail at:     
              Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission    
              Arzobispado de Manila    
             121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila 
Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

That in all things God may be glorified.

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